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3 Step Living Room Makeover: From Unfinished to Fab

Living Room Makeover

Alexi Politis of Seeking Alexi recently moved into a new home. After making each room livable, she decided it was time to give her home finishing touches, with her living room last on her list. Read more to see how just a few investment pieces and rearranging turns this room from “okay” to gorgeous.

3 Step Living Room Makeover: From Unfinished to Fab

I don’t know about you, but whenever I move into a new home, I often get each room in my house to an “okay” stage right when I move in. I have high hopes of coming back to each room to finalize and perfect it. But weeks turn to months, which turn into a year, and I forget what I wanted to do to finish the room in the first place. I get comfortable with that unfinished stage and never go back to fix it later.

Does anyone else have this forgetful-home-syndrome? I can’t be the only one. It doesn’t only happen after a recent move-in, it may be the case after years of living somewhere and wanting to update a room, but not doing so.

No matter the reasoning, for my living room makeover I didn’t want to focus not on a dramatic before and after, because I don’t think that’s very likely for most of us. In most cases, I would imagine that it only takes a few extra steps to really make that room (finally) feel finished.

First, here are a few before and after photos of my room. You’ll see that they are not dramatic, but the after photos clearly look like finished rooms, finally!!

Before the Makeover

Living Room Before Makeover

Living Room Before Makeover

After the Makeover

Living Room Makeover

Living Room Makeover

Let me show you the three steps that I took to change my room in under a week.

Step 1: Build focus around the wall with the most visibility

Living Room Makeover

For my room, the wall with the fireplace and TV has the most visibility. That might be artwork, or paint color, or a piece of furniture. For me, I needed more visual and artistic stimulation on that wall, so, I decided to build some shelves!

Head over to my personal blog for step-by-step instructions on how to build simple, beautiful ladder-shelves that won’t break the bank. Then I styled the shelves with all of my favorite items I could gather. After this step is completed in your room, BAM, you’ve got a focal point.

Step 2: Small investments go a long way

Living Room Makeover

There were four items I added to the room that were investment-pieces, but they dramatically changed the room. Everyone should consider splurging on at least one item if a room needs some pizzazz, but pick the item(s) that will change your room the most. For me, I chose the following three items.

Living Room Makeover

First, the rug. Every room need comfortable and stylish flooring, and this shaggy area rug from The Home Depot is no exception! I didn’t know they had so many area rugs online, but they do! They are very well-priced, super stylish, and there’s a huge variety!

Second, my new lighting and the woven wall hanging (I wish I could insert heart eyed emoji here!) I love how much this light and weaving transformed my room to look more sophisticated and put together. Love!

Living Room Makeover

Third, the white Home Decorators Collection roller shades from The Home Depot. The shades are open in these photos, but they are so great for giving my room privacy. I followed The Home Depot’s measuring instructions on their site, and they came back at the perfect size, and installation was a cinch!

Step 3: Arrange the furniture to utilize the space


Living Room Makeover


Living Room Makeover

First thing’s first, rethink your seating arrangements.

Ask some of these questions about your room:

  • Is your seating being used often?
  • Is your seating arrangement creating the environment you’re wanting?
  • Is your seating inviting enough?
  • Are all of your seats being used?
  • Are there things you would like to do in that room that your current seating arrangement is preventing?
  • Does your seating look the best it could in the current arrangement?

For me, once I asked these questions about my room, I realized two major things about my room: I needed to create a more inviting environment, and we hardly use the TV, but the whole room was arranged around it. So, I changed it up!

If the purpose of your room is to have conversations, then arrange the furniture in a way that people can easily talk with each other. If your room is near a high-traffic area, make it easy for people to come sit in that room by opening-up the furniture.

Living Room Makeover

There you have it! With a few simple steps, you can change your room dramatically without having to dramatically break the bank. And with these three easy tips, you should be able to finally take your unfinished room closer to that final stage. Good luck!

Browse our wide selection of rugs online at The Home Depot. Visit The Home Depot for more custom window treatments. Take a look at The Home Depot’s Decor Department to decorate and furnish your living room.

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Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

The DIY panel wall made all the difference in this living room makeover by Yuni Min of Love Your Abode. She how she and her husband installed the paneling… and how beautifully the makeover turned out.

Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

Here is what our living room used to look like. This is one of the few rooms we haven’t touched since moving into our home almost five years ago.

Living room in need of a makeover

As a family of five, we spend a good chunk of time in the living room. I had a vision to go bold and dramatic while keeping it simple and fresh. I got rid of the gallery wall and wanted to create a more streamlined look without the clutter.

Living room in need of a makeover

Here’s the after!

Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

We love it so much! Here are the changes we made:

  • We added paneling to the wall and painted it using Behr paint.
  • The cheap builder grade fan was switched out with a beautiful rustic fan from Hunter.
  • The mantle was painted the same color as the dark paneled wall using the same Behr paint.
  • We got rid of the original paint color on the rest of the walls and color matched the trim with Behr paint to get the whitest color possible. The original color of the trim from the builder was Antique White by Porter Paint. The Home Depot paint department can pretty much color match any color as long as you have the name.

DIY Instructions for the Panel Wall


Installing the Trim

I wanted to create a board and batten look on the main TV wall.

The large TV wasn’t going anywhere and it was such an eye sore to look at. To create this wall, I first designed the look by drawing it on paper. My husband, Jimmy, helped to execute my design. He’s such a good sport and doing these DIY projects together has become a fun hobby for us.

We used 4 x 1 primed MDF rectangular trim to create the board and batten look. An important approach is to go to your local Home Depot store, and choose the board you want to buy so you can get the true measurement before doing any of the calculations. For example, our 4 x 1 boards were actually 3½ inches wide. Jimmy started with the horizontal pieces and then moved to the vertical.

Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

Each trim measures 8 ft long and we utilized a Ryobi 10 inch miter saw to cut them down to size. Jimmy marked the walls where the boards would be mounted.

We used a Ryobi 18 volt brad nailer to mount the trim against the wall. Can I just say how awesome this brad nailer is? This tool is one that will be handy for many projects to come. One helpful tip when using the brad nailer is to push all the way in so that the head of the nail goes below the surface of the board.

When the trim is all mounted, use wood filler to fill in all of the gaps as well as any nail holes. After the wood filler is cured, sand down until the surface is smooth.

Then, it’s ready to paint!


Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

While Jimmy was working on the paneling, my mom came over to help me paint. Isn’t she cute?

I wanted the whitest white possible, so I matched the existing trim and painted the walls using Behr paint in an eggshell sheen. Painting over the yellowish beige walls made a huge difference in brightening and updating our space.

Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

The paneled wall took two coats of paint and even my sweet neighbor, Jennifer came over to help! Surprisingly, this entire project took only three nights to complete.Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

The paneled wall is strikingly bold and I love the added dimension it adds to the space. It somehow managed to minimize the monstrosity that is the TV. If my sweet husband can help me execute all of my crazy design and DIY shenanigans, I guess I can at least let him have his ugly TV.

A New Ceiling FanChic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall and New Ceiling Fan

Changing out your fan is an easy way to update the look in your room. I find it difficult to find good looking inexpensive options when choosing a fan but I was so happy to find this Hunter one I found online.

We moved some furniture and decor around instead of buying new items. Always shop your home first! We also moved the curtain rods up higher and out wider. This is a simple and easy way to make your windows appear larger.

The Completed Family Room Makeover

Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

I love how the new wall allows our beautiful mid century media table to stand out. Before, it got lost in the crowd of the gallery wall and beige colored walls.

Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

Heres’s a final before and after.

Living room in need of a makeover

Chic Family Room Makeover with DIY Panel Wall

Hope you find this DIY post helpful! If you have any questions, you can connect with me on my blog or on Facebook and Instagram.

Browse our Lumber and Composites Department and Paint Department for the materials you’ll need for this DIY panel wall project. Take a look at The Home Depot’s Decor Department to decorate and furnish your family room.

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DIY Farmhouse Table

This rustic farmhouse table is a DIY project you can complete in a weekend, and it’s a fabulous way to add some farmhouse charm to your home.

Courtney West, of Our Alabama Life, completed this project for her home and shares the step-by-step tutorial.

DIY Farmhouse Table

We are right in the middle of building our forever farmhouse in Alabama. I knew I wanted a big farmhouse table for our dining room, but it is very pricey to have one custom made for our space. After a few internet searches and some conversations with my handy husband, we decided to DIY our own farmhouse table.

Building our own farmhouse table turned out to be surprisingly simple and much more economical than purchasing one. We used Ana White’s farmhouse table plans as a guide.

To create your own farmhouse table, follow the full tutorial below!



Step 1

Determine the size of your table. We wanted our table to be 8-feet long by 4-feet wide.

Measure, mark, and cut your lumber to the appropriate lengths.

Step 2

Lay the boards out for your tabletop. Choose which side you want to show and lay it face down.

TIP: Mark the back of each board so that you’ll know which side you have chosen. We used the letter “B” for “back” because we are creative like that!

Step 3

Using a pocket hole drill kit, drill holes in each board for your screws. We drilled holes every 12 inches along the length of the board towards the 2 x 8 in the middle.

Step 4

Apply wood glue liberally and stick boards together. Using your pre-drilled holes, insert screws as you glue. Repeat this process for all your tabletop boards.

Step 5

Add end boards using the same process as Steps 3 and 4.

Step 6

Assemble the table base.

Notch the 4 x 4 legs so the 2 x 4 will fit snuggly.

We began our lowest notch 6 inches from the floor.

Step 7

Insert 2 x 4 boards into the notches, and secure them with screws. Make sure the base is square as you are assembling the table.

Step 8

Attach brace boards to top of table base using pocket hole screws

Step 9

Attach the tabletop using pocket hole screws to complete the table base.

Step 10

Fill all cracks and voids with wood filler and sand until smooth. You are now ready for paint or stain!

We had so much fun building this farmhouse table, and I love that it fits my space exactly. The greatest part of a DIY project is being able to customize the project to fit your needs. I can’t wait to start hosting all the parties and serving TONS of food on my new farmhouse table!

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On-Trend Bathroom Ideas

On-Trend Bathroom Ideas

Despite the bathroom being one of the smallest rooms in your house, a bathroom remodel can be a great investment. And with so many styles of bathroom tile, lighting and vanities to choose from, a bathroom remodel offers an opportunity to add style to your home.

Take a look at these on-trend bathroom looks to transform your space.

Woodbrook Collection

Woodbrook Collection on-trend Bathroom Ideas
This natural wood vanity and on-trend subway tile create simple luxury.

The white marble top of the Woodbrook Vanity is accentuated by natural wood elements, while the MOEN Kleo Faucet in chrome paired with chrome hardware throughout the room balance the vanity’s rustic feel. The natural wood of the mirror and white vanity top tie the room together, blending the vanity and trendy subway tile seamlessly.

The eye-catching design of the Carterton Vanity Light gives the room a sophisticated and luxurious feel against the white subway tile. The Selva Grey Porcelain Tile floor completes the rustic-meets-modern look with its natural charm and warmth, amplified by the neutral walls in BEHR Icicles Eggshell.

Hardware in the Woodbrook Collection

Shop the entire Woodbrook Collection online at The Home Depot.

Ivy Hill Collection

Ivy Hill Collection on-trend Bathroom Ideas

The eclectic mix of patterns seen throughout the ELIANE Essence Decor Porcelain Tile backsplash, rugs and towels along with the statement Mermaid Tub forge this bohemian hideaway.

The Downtown Edison Sconce in brushed nickel takes a minimalistic vintage approach, tying together the brushed nickel KOHLER Faucets and other hardware metals within the KOHLER Mistos Collection. The cohesive metals within the room bring a classic simplicity of design and functionality.

The cool hues of the walls in BEHR Oceanic Climate highlight the rich pops of blue within the tile backsplash. The cappuccino vanity tops blend the backsplash and Ivy Hill Vanities in White together, while the neutral Corso Italia Selva Arctic flooring balances out the room.

Hardware in the Ivy Hill Collection

Shop the entire Ivy Hill Collection online at The Home Depot.

Windsor Park Gray

Windsor Park Gray on-trend Bathroom Ideas

The gorgeous Windsor Park Gray Vanity with Mirror mixed with the uniquely patterned Merola Taupe Tile and seaside accents set a calming tone in this coastal escape.

The Industrial Vanity Light in brushed nickel adds a warm glow to the BEHR MARQUEE Cameo White paneled walls and built-in shelves. The cohesive KOHLER Brushed Nickel Faucet and Delta Mandara Brushed Nickel Hardware move your eyes throughout the room and add a hint of sheen to an otherwise neutral room.

Hardware in the Windsor Park Gray Collection

Shop the entire Windsor Park Gray Collection online at The Home Depot.

Stancliff Collection

Stancliff Collection On-Trend Bathroom Ideas

The Cashmere Blue Round Tile backsplash and distressed woods paired with natural linens and accents create this tranquil bathroom.

The natural wood grain of the Stancliff Vanity in Elm Sky add depth to the room. Featuring a cascading effect, the uniquely designed cultured marble solid white vanity top pulls the room together.

The sleek and contemporary Chrome Vanity Light fixture features high-class sparkling crystal and a reflective mirror wall plate, enhancing the luxurious design against the neutral tones of the BEHR Spun Wool walls. The look is tied together with the MOEN Kleo Faucet and MOEN Glyde Collection in chrome.

The MS International Metro Charcoal Glazed Porcelain Tile combines a textured finish and olive-gray variations in tone, resulting in the perfect contemporary look to complement the room.

Hardware in the Stancliff Collection

Shop the entire Stancliff Collection online at The Home Depot.

Teasian Collection

Teasian Collection On-Trend Bathroom Ideas

The Teasian Vanity by Home Decorators Collection is a contemporary-style cabinet offering ample storage. With an elegant and stylish look, it’s sure to complement any bathroom. The nautical-inspired Seaport Sconce in Satin Nickel glows against the cool BEHR Ash Blue Eggshell walls. The striking Merola Palace White Mosaic Tile adds interest and depth to the room.

The warm undertones of the bold, yet elegant, Pfister Venturi Faucet and Venturi hardware in brushed nickel are complemented by the warm gray of the Pergo Outlast + Vintage Pewter Oak laminate floors.

Hardware in the Teasian Collection

Shop the entire Teasian Collection online at The Home Depot.

Windsor Park Cream

Windsor Park Cream On-Trend Bathroom Ideas

A blend of classic, early American beauty with a contemporary twist, the Home Decorators Collection Windsor Park Vanity in Cream coupled with a matching mirror gives this room a timeless look.

The soft elegance of the Arabescato Carrara Herringbone Pattern Honed Marble Mosaic Tile from MS International, accented by the natural stone Jeffrey Court’s Stone Grey Limestone Crown, naturally guide your eyes throughout the room. The classic Sea Gull Lighting vanity fixture in brushed nickel features a clean, versatile design that glows against the soft BEHR Perfect Taupe walls.

The additional brushed nickel hardware seen throughout the room add a hint of glam. The pattern of the Jeffrey Court Windswept Marble Mosaic Wall Tile flooring adds a luxurious final touch to the room.

Hardware in the Windsor Park Cream Collection

Shop the entire Windsor Park Cream Collection online at The Home Depot.

Browse everything you need to upgrade your bathroom in our Bathroom Department. Follow The Home Depot’s Bathroom Design Ideas board on Pinterest for more bathroom inspiration and products. Check out more of our on-trend Bathroom Ideas on The Home Depot Blog to help you transform your space.

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Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Bathroom Makeover Before and After photos

With the construction market booming, many homes have basic contractor grade bathrooms. With a little time and elbow grease, it’s easy to transform your bathroom to fit your unique style. Cosmetic bathroom makeovers are great weekend projects that offer a lot of bang for your buck.

Above you see the results of our simple bathroom project on top– with fresh paint and new cabinet hardware– and the bathroom in its previous state on the bottom. Even though we kept the original vanity and tub fixtures, small changes like hardware, paint, and faucets have a dramatic effect in this bathroom makeover.

Bathroom Makeover


Materials for your Bathroom Makeover


  • Paint Roller
  • Philips Head Screwdriver
  • Socket Wrench

Step 1:  Remove Mirror

Bathroom Makeover

To tackle this project, remove elements of the bathroom that you are replacing. We chose to start with the largest item in the room: the builder’s grade mirror.

This step is entirely dependent on how your builder attached the mirror. For our bathroom, the mirror was held in place by a clip system. We recommend having two people remove the mirror as can be heavy and bulky.

Tip: To protect your flooring, tape your mirror with painter’s tape. This can help keep your mirror from shattering, potentially damaging your floor.

Step 2: Remove Bathroom Hardware

Remove Bathroom Hardware in your Bathroom Makeover

Most builders use economical bathroom hardware with a set screw installation method. To remove, locate the set screw that attaches the hardware to the mounting system. Depending on the hardware, you may need to use a small Allen key wrench or a small flat head screw driver.

Set screws use tension to hold the hardware to the mounting system. Gently loosen the set screw until you can easily pull the hardware off the mounting system. Set the hardware aside after removal.

Underneath the hardware, the mounting system should be attached to the wall via screws and anchors. If there are no anchors, the builder may have attached your screw directly into the stud. To remove the mounting system, use a Philips head screw driver to loosen the screw and the anchor from the dry wall or stud.

Repeat this process for all hardware, including the toilet paper holder, towel bars, robe hooks and towel ring.

Step 3: Remove Wall Plate

Bathroom Makeover

Now remove the wall plate cover from the electrical outlet with a flat head screw driver. This is purely a cosmetic change and does not require an electrician.

Follow all safety precautions, including turning off the electricity when removing these covers.

Step 4:  Remove Cabinet Hardware

Remove Cabinet Hardware in your Bathroom Makeover

Next, remove the cabinet hardware from your cabinetry using a Philips head screw driver.

Loosen the screw from the cabinet hardware by twisting gently to the left. As you loosen the screw, be sure to hold on to your hardware from the cabinet face to avoid scratching the cabinet.

Step 5: Patch Hardware Holes

Patch Hardware Holes in your bathroom makeover

Locate the areas you have removed hardware from. Using the spackling tool, apply a generous amount of spackling paste to fill in each hole.

After your first generous application, use the spackling tool to smooth the surface, and remove the excess paste on and around the holes. Allow the spackling paste to dry fully before sanding.

Step 6: Patch Lighting Hardware Holes

Patch lighting hardware holes in your bathroom makeover

We decided to update the lighting in the bathroom with our makeover; however, due to the complexity of lighting changes, we chose to hire an electrician.

The original lighting fixture had one mounting location, leaving a giant gaping hole that needed to be filled in after installing the new fixture.

Since the hole was so large, it required a wall patch before spackling. The HDX wall patch kit came with a 4-in. patch, a spackling tool and paste. The application of the patch is simple: remove the backing and place it over the hole in your wall.

Next, follow the same steps as patching the hardware holes. Just make sure that when removing the excess, you don’t see the mesh of the patch poking through. Allow the spackling paste to dry fully before sanding.

Step 7: Tape and Prep

Tape and prep for your bathroom makeover

Tape and prep for your bathroom makeover

While waiting for your spackle to dry, you can move onto the next phase, and start prepping your bathroom for paint. Tape up any areas you don’t want painted such as your baseboards, the edge of your vanity and around any remaining fixtures.

Step 8: Sand the Patches

Sand the patches in your bathroom makeover

After the spackling has fully dried, start sanding. We used the convenient sanding tool from the patch kit to sand all of our prep work. Fold in the edges on the crease of the sanding tool so that your tool stays flat against the wall.

The sanding process works best when you move in the same direction. Don’t apply too much pressure, or the surface will not be smooth. Be sure not to sand down too far or the mesh will peek through your paint.

Step 9: Paint

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

After sanding down the spackle to blend into the drywall, begin painting.

We recommend you first cut around trim and edges with a Wooster shortcut brush. For the remainder of the wall, use your paint roller to apply color. The Home Depot has great painting applications tips and tricks.

Step 10: Install New Cabinet Hardware

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

The original cabinets required a second hole on the cabinet door face for the pulls we chose.

We recommend using an Align Right Cabinet Hardware Installation Template for the most accurate placement of your installation holes.

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

We chose to use the Delta Silverton 3 in. Cabinet Pull in Polished Chrome for our cabinet doors. We used the Delta Silverton 1¼ in. Cabinet Knob in Polished Chrome for our cabinet drawer knobs.

Not only is the collection stunning in a brilliant polished chrome, but they are a collection match to the bathroom hardware and faucets we chose to install.

These collections make it easy to choose matching hardware for a weekend bathroom makeover. Your decorative hardware should come with installation screws. Use a Phillips screw driver to install your hardware.

Step 11: Install Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

The bathroom hardware collection we chose has an EasyClip™ mounting system, which is slightly different from the traditional set screw. Like the original mounting system, we were required to attach the base mounting system to the wall first by using wall anchors and screws.

The towel bar and toilet paper holder came with mounting templates for easy installation, making the measuring and marking process a breeze. After marking your holes, insert the anchor into the drywall. Slip the screw through the mounting system then insert it into the anchor.

Once you have all the mounting hardware installed, the EasyClip system allows you to slip the posts of the hardware right over until they click into place ensuring a nice tight fit.

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

In the spirit of cohesive design, we chose to use the Delta Silverton Bathroom Hardware Collection in Polished Chrome. Like the cabinet hardware, this collection is specifically designed from the faucet with an exact finish and style match.

Instead of replacing the original 24 in. towel bar however, we chose to use the  24 in. Double Towel Bar for maximum amount of towel storage for our guests’ use.

Step 12: Install Wall Plate

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Wall plates, although often forgotten, can truly be the final and finishing touches of your home. They make a big difference in comparison to the standard white plastic ones.

Installation is very easy. Simply use the included installation hardware and mount it to the existing electrical outlet. Follow all safety precautions listed on your wall plate packaging.

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

We chose to use the Liberty Concave Wall Plate Collection for a matching chrome finish and transitional style.

Step 13: Remove Old Faucets and Install New Faucets

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

We delayed the faucet installation to near the end of the overall project since they can be removed and replaced in one fell swoop. Visit The Home Depot’s website where you can find step-by step-instructions with photos on how to remove and install a center-set faucet.

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

The faucet was the first design choice we made for our bathroom. We chose the elegant design of the Delta Silverton Centerset Bathroom Faucet in Polished Chrome.

The original faucet was a center-set single handle. Replacing it without removing or putting new holes in the countertops required the same size and valve set up. This lead us to the Silverton’s graceful arcs and classic detailing.

We chose to stick with the polished chrome finish since it worked so well with the original cultured marble countertops and gave off a feeling of traditional glamour.

All of our hardware choices were inspired by the faucet, and were made easy due to the coordinating collections and exact match finish!

Step 14: Hang the Mirrors

Completed Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

The final step of a bathroom makeover is to hang your new mirrors! We were pleasantly surprised at how easy the cleat installation method was. We recommend centering your mirror above your faucets and below your lighting.

Simply measure, mark and follow the instructions included. One thing we loved about these mirrors was that the cleat is smaller than the attachment area on the mirror. If your measurement is just slightly off to the left or right, you can still slide the mirror into the center above the faucet for the perfect fit.

Completed Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Completed Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Bye-bye builder’s grade, and hello luxury! Now you can enjoy how the small details of your new bathroom make such a big difference.

Follow our Bathroom Design Ideas board on Pinterest for more bathroom makeover ideas.

Browse our Bathroom Ideas on The Home Depot Blog for more ways to transform your space.

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